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Below is a list of triggers and warnings. please be aware of these before reading any of the following books.

Scars - Swearing and gratuitous violence.

Liars - BDSM, gratuitous violence, swearing.

Omens - BDSM, gratuitus violence, swearing,

Into The Dark - dubious consent, blood play, pain play, rope play, knife play, rape, sexual assault, sexual assault by a parent, suicide, murder, torture, swearing, gore, stalking, alcoholism, and sexual trauma is discussed at length in a therapy setting. There is no HEA.

Dipped In Holly - Daddy kink, age gap, swearing, spanking, bondage

Claimed By Cupid - Daddy kink, age gap, swearing, spanking, public play, a safe word is used and respected, role play, choking/breath play

Bound In Cabo - Daddy kink, age gap

Dicked By Daddy - Daddy kink, age gap

Locked In Love - Daddy kink, age gap, slight public play

Games We Play - Graphic sexual content, violence, eating disorders, swearing, light pet play, sensory deprivation, bondage, toys

Secrets We Hunt - graphic sexual content, violence, mention of rape

Burdens We Carry - Arranged marriage, virgin heroine, graphic sexual content, mention of bullying

Desires We Seek - Graphic sexual content, fire play, restraints, and pegging

Rules We Break - Graphic sexual content, dick spanking, domme

As Above So Below - Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide, self harm, drug use, alcohol use, sexual situations and graphic sexual content, dubious consent during sex, gore, murder, and bullying.

Cruel Beauty - Graphic sexual content, spanking, edging, gore, murder, and torture are either mentioned or acted on.

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