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When Greg runs into his ex-friends-with-benefits during a business trip to Nashville, her long legs and curvy body instantly make him regret calling it quits.

There’s one slight problem though. Ivy isn’t just any ex: she’s his boss. His older, very sexy, secretly dominant boss.

But Ivy proves to be a temptation that Greg can’t resist, and he agrees to meet up with her later that night. It starts out harmless enough…merely two old friends catching up.

Until the moonshine starts flowing, and Ivy makes a shocking confession.

Before the night is over, Greg finds himself back on his knees for her. And this time around, Ivy may decide to keep him for good.

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  • All orders will be shipped within 10-14 business days unless the item is a pre-order. Pre-order items will have information stating when they will be shipped.

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