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Growing up as the eldest child of Scarlet Dulca and The Triad, there were rules I learned to live my life by.

The family comes first. Don’t show your weaknesses. Take what you want.

Yet, I can’t have the one thing I want most—my dads’ right-hand man. He’s twice my age and off limits.

But when my bodyguard retires, I see an opportunity and snatch it, putting Niko’s name up for consideration.

When a new threat arises, he tries to act uninterested—to treat me like his job. But as long days turn into long nights, lines begin to blur, and boundaries get pushed to their limits.

Nothing will stop me from getting what I want. I’m eighteen, which means I’m fair game.

And so is he.


I’ve worked for her family for the past two decades, grinding and fighting my way to the top.

I’ve done unspeakable things to gain their respect, and nothing could make me jeopardize that trust.

Except for one night, when I nearly throw it all away. For her. She’s temptation wrapped up in a tight, forbidden package just for me.

This one mistake could cost me everything, but I refuse to let it happen again. Despite being assigned as her security detail, ensuring we’ll be alone together every day and night.

My number one priority is to keep her safe, and I’ll protect her with my life.

But I will not fall for her. I will not take what I want.

No matter how badly I need it.

Cruel Beauty

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