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Branwen is about to become her coven’s youngest ever High Priestess. At the ripe age of twenty-seven, she is the only one with a full range of power.


And everyone is looking to her to set things right.


Yet on the night of the ritual, everything goes wrong. Branwen is betrayed, cast out, and stripped of her powers.


Left to wander in the human world alone, she loses herself and her faith in the Gods.


Until one night when the depression turns to rage. Using only the bare bones of the earth as a source of power, she calls upon Hecate to help her.


But what – or who – is listening, turns out to be something she may be unable to control.


Setting out to enact revenge on those who hurt her, Branwen finds she is much stronger than she realized, and that the truth will always come out.


Karma’s a witch.

As Above So Below

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