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  • Book content/trigger warnings:
    Scars - Swearing and gratuitous violence. Liars - BDSM, gratuitous violence, swearing Into The Dark - dubious consent, blood play, pain play, rope play, knife play, rape, sexual assault, sexual assault by a parent, suicide, murder, torture, swearing, gore, stalking, alcoholism, and sexual trauma is discussed at length in a therapy setting. There is no HEA. Dipped In Holly - Daddy kink, age gap, swearing, spanking, bondage Claimed By Cupid - Daddy kink, age gap, swearing, spanking, public play, a safe word is used and respected, role play, choking/breath play Games We Play - Graphic sexual content, violence, eating disorders, swearing, light pet play, sensory deprivation, bondage, toys Secrets We Hunt - graphic sexual content, violence, mention of rape
  • What’s going on with Flame and Starlight?
    Flame and Starlight has been taken down from Amazon because it is going to undergo a rewrite. There are a few posts about this, but I fell out of love with the characters after many personal attacks and scathing reviews. Should I let these things dictate whether or not a book remains up? Probably not. But this felt like something I really wanted to remedy. I will do the edit and the rewrite, a new cover, and then republish. After that, I will release the second book in the duet.
  • Will you sell (insert book here) on your Etsy?
    Yes. All of my books will always be sold through my Etsy. With new releases, it takes a bit longer to get them in stock and up, but they are normally available within two weeks of the release date.
  • How old are Nick and Holly?
    Holly is 25, Nick is 50
  • Are Owen and Pyro going to end up together?
  • How do I apply for your ARC team?
    My ARC team is currently closed. It’s hard to give dates as to when it will open, but as people leave, we will keep track and open as often as we can to keep the team at the amount of people I like it to be at. Any ARC related questions can be directed to Jordin at
  • Will your books be published into my language?
    Current languages in contract are German, Italian, and Portuguese. My agent is always querying my books to different countries, and I will keep this updated as we go.
  • Will there be any more of Jack and Quinlan?
    Sorry, I don’t have any plans for that as of now.
  • Will each boy in the One Night Series get their own novella?
  • Where will you be signing this year?
    Music City With The Belles, Feb 26 - Nashville TN Authors in the Bluegrass, Oct 1 - Louisville KY BABE 2023
  • What ‘kinks’ are in your books?
    Scars - booty play, choking, use of a belt Liars - bondage, MMF, orgasm control, knife/blood play Games We Play - light pet play, bondage, sensory deprivation, dom/sub Secrets We Hunt - domme, booty play, primal chase, orgasm control Into The Dark - blood/knife play, pain, choking, dubious consent, rope play Dipped In Holly - daddy kink, bondage, spanking, age gap Claimed By Cupid - daddy kink, spanking, safe word, age gap, public play
  • Does Into The Dark have an HEA?
    It does not. A lot of people have said it’s the only HEA that could have happened for the characters, but in a traditional romance sense? No.
  • What are you working on?
    I’m letting myself be a mood writer this year, working on what I feel like at the time. But I do hope to have Rune out this summer as a full length, and then Mara’s story out in the fall or winter. I’m also working on Omens, the monster anthology story with witches and demons, and a possible spin off of another series of mine. I also have a plot bunny for a mob themed story that I’ve started.
  • What are your favorite books?
    Transcendence by Shay Savage, River of Rain duet by CE Ricci, Distorted by Nyla K, Him/Us duet by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, and anything by Heather Guerre to name a few.
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